Which ACAI Outdoorwear Trousers Should You Try?

ACAI Outdoorwear Trousers are gamechanging when it comes to womens’ outdoor apparel. The ACAI Outdoorwear design team have developed a range of legwear specifically for women to help them feel confident in their bodies while exploring outdoors. They’re an increasingly inclusive brand too, manufacturing their products up to a size UK 22. They offer a wide variety of colours, cuts and weights too. Being a brand that’s primarily online based (at least at the time of writing) it can be confusing to decide on which style to try. I wanted to share my experience testing out their range for myself to help you figure out which type of trouser is likely best for you!

DOGSCLOSURE: I have previously been gifted a pair of ACAI Outdoorwear trousers to review. I’ve since bought multiple pairs of their trousers myself and I have not been sponsored to write this post. This is solely an opinion piece that I wanted to create to help you find the right weight, style and fit for you.

ACAI Outdoorwear are an incredible company that creates outdoor apparel for women. I love the skinny cut of their legwear and how it makes my legs look. It’s wonderful to have finally found an outdoor brand whose trousers actually flatter my body and don’t make me feel frumpy on walks! While all ACAI Outdoorwear’s trousers are water resistant to a degree, it’s not something you can rely on. You will get wet in a heavy and/or prolonged shower! However all their trousers fit snugly under my Berghaus Deluge Trousers, which I reluctantly use when we’re caught short on walks!

The MAX Stretch Outdoor Trouser

I was gifted a pair of MAX Stretch Outdoor Trousers in the summer of 2020. These are the lightweight products in ACAI Outdoorwear’s range. They’re incredibly stretchy, as the name suggests and I loved the unrestricted range of movement in them. I love how quick drying they are too. Particularly when Woody and Hen have jumped up at me on their walks. I’ve also crossed a few shallow streams and rivers on our adventures without having to roll the trousers up, which was surprisingly satisfying. When I reached the other end, I simply shook my legs and the trousers were dry in minutes.

The MAX Stretch Outdoor Trousers are quite thin compared to other brands of I have worn over the years, however they are designed to be worn primarily in warmer months. Admittedly I personally prefer wearing shorts when its warmer, so these trousers aren’t necessarily the best choice for me. However trying these trousers out for myself did make me intrigued to test out more of ACAI’s range. Particularly their midweight trousers, as they’re designed to be worn year round. I was advised to size down, as the trousers stretch a little with wear. While they did stretch a little, I still think I would have preferred the UK 10, as the waistband felt a little restrictive, especially after a walk with a pub lunch!

ACAI Outdoorwear Trousers: MAX Stretch Skinny Outdoor TrousersACAI Outdoorwear Trousers: MAX Stretch Skinny Outdoor Trousers

The Granite Midweight/Midweight Outdoor Trousers

I bought my first pair of Granite Midweight Trousers in autumn 2020, just as I was starting a new job at The Tide Climbing Centre. I wanted a pair of trousers I could wear both on dog walks and in the office. Also a thicker alternative to my MAX Stretch trousers. The Ocean Blue colour sealed the deal for me, which has since been discontinued. A larger size was something I was interested in trying, as I tend to fluctuate between a UK 8 and UK 10 in clothes. So I settled for a UK 10 L (long leg.) I definitely don’t need the extra leg length, however it was the only style in that section of the website. I tend to wear my ACAI trousers with thick walking socks and high walking boots anyway, so you can’t really tell the difference. If the excess fabric around my ankles really bothered me (it doesn’t!) I could easily alter the hem if I wanted!

I really love the waist on the Granite Midweight Trousers, as it’s higher than other styles. They come up to my belly button and look really flattering with or without a belt. It also means I can wear my dog walking harness comfortably without anything digging into my skin. The Granite style is definitely the one best suited to me! I believe they’re being discontinue though, however there are alternative midweight designs in ACAI Outdoorwear’s range. While I haven’t tried the Biker Style or MAX Stretch Midweight styles for myself, I assume they’re made with a similar fabric to my Granite pair. I much prefer the midweight thickness, especially in the UK. I think they’re a reliable and durable choice for year round wear.

The Thermal Skinny Outdoor Trousers

I briefly tried out ACAI Outdoorwear’s Thermal Skinny Outdoor Trousers at the end of 2020, as the marketing department gifted me a pair for their upcoming winter campaign. However I decided to return them, as the fit wasn’t quite right. The button was placed slightly differently to my Granite pair of trousers, which made them tighter around my waist. It was quite uncomfortable sitting in them for long periods of time, however I recognise that was also partly because I’d once again sized down to a UK 8. Realistically I think the size UK 10 fits me much better.

One thing I’d like to mention is the fleece lining of the thermal trousers. I wasn’t expecting it to be a thin microfleece material as it was, though they were incredibly warm. It was essentially like having a built in pair of thermals lining the midweight trousers. Unfortunately, once I’d returned the original trousers I was gifted, there weren’t any available in the same colour but larger size. So, I took the decision to instead purchase another pair of Granite Midweight trousers with my own money. This time I went for the Storm Grey colour in a UK size 10. Once again they were only available in the longer leg length but I’m more than happy with the fit. The slightly larger size not only means they fit comfortably round my waist but they also allow for my weight to fluctuate a little. They also enabling me to wear an additional pair of thermals/leggings underneath on particularly cold adventures. However, I’ve been out in the snow on Dartmoor in just the Granite pair. I definitely felt warm enough without the additional layer.

It’s taken me a while but I’m pleased to have found the ACAI Outdoorwear Trousers cut and style that best suits me. Investing in multiple pairs of the Granite Midweight trousers has given me a reliable option that I can use year round. I like the versatility of being able to fit additional thermal layers underneath. Or wear them under waterproof trousers on wet adventures. If you’re looking to purchase your first pair of ACAI’s I’d definitely recommend considering a similar midweight style. Especially if you live in the UK!

Have you tried ACAI Outdoorwear Trousers before? Which style do you wear most?

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