Welcome to Paws & Tors!

Welcome to Paws & Tors. I’ve been busy these past few weeks working behind the scenes to relaunch our website. My decision to rebrand has come as a surprise to some readers and I think it’s high time I fill you in on the reasons why, as well as what you can expect from Paws & Tors going forward.

Why Have I Started Paws & Tors?

I’d been toying with the idea of rebranding The Cornish Dog for much of 2019. I started the website to uncover some of Cornwall’s best-loved dog walks and share local knowledge online for other first time dog owners and holiday makers visiting the Duchy. However, as time went on, I strayed away from the original plan to discuss sustainability in the dog industry, my experience fostering for Spaniel Aid UK and how to live a more active, outdoor life with dogs.

I thoroughly enjoy exploring all of these topics online, as well as sharing our dog friendly day to day adventures. We’ve started exploring further up country too, including climbing Snowdon, visiting the New Forest and the Cotswolds last year. Gradually I felt myself outgrowing The Cornish Dog and our recent move to Devon was my final catalyst for the change.

Welcome to Paws & Tors | Paws & Tors

What’s New?

I’m very excited to share more of our dog friendly adventures across the UK and already have a few trips planned. I want to write more about long distance hiking, camping, paddle boarding and other dog friendly outdoor activities, as they’re all activities the dogs and I love doing together. I chose the name Paws & Tors as a nod towards my love of walking and spending time outdoors with the dogs. It encompasses my values as an owner and my passion of helping every dog live a life full of adventure.

I’m also excited to share more of my professional photography. In case you didn’t know, I work with dog businesses across the UK and Europe, shooting photography for their websites and social media. I’m keen to share more of my work with you, as well as hints and tips for others interested in running their own dog business. Stay tuned for more business blogposts, newsletters and resources in the near future!

Welcome to Paws & Tors | Paws & Tors

What Will Remain?

Of course there are still plenty of topics we’ll continue to share, including discussions around living more sustainably as a dog owner. We’re still fostering for Spaniel Aid UK and are about to welcome our seventh foster dog into our home. I’m also planning more spaniel-specific blogposts to help those considering owning this high-energy breed.

The Cornish Dog website will still remain, however I’ve migrated much of the content over to Paws & Tors. I’m making a few tweaks here and there and my aim is to finish the Cornwall specific resource I originally intended to create. There you’ll find posts about dog friendly beaches, places to stay and things to do specifically in the Duchy.

Welcome to Paws & Tors | Paws & TorsWelcome to Paws & Tors | Paws & Tors

What Would You Like to See from Paws & Tors?

We’re very excited to share our new adventures with you and to have you along for the ride. I hope this blogpost clarifies the reasons behind our new name and the trajectory of my content going forward.

I’m eager to hear about any topics of blogposts you’d like me to write about on our new platform. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see here, either by leaving a comment or sending me an email.

Welcome to Paws & Tors | Paws & TorsWelcome to Paws & Tors | Paws & Tors

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