Dorwest 2021


Dorwest are a herbal supplement company stablished in 1948 and are based in Dorset. Dorwest manufacture holistic supplements and remedies to help pets with a variety of conditions. Their popular products include Keeper’s Mix, Scullcap and Valerian supplements to reduce anxiety and their topical range of balms and shampoos.

I have worked on a number of projects for Dorwest, primarily for their social media, website and print catalogues. I have also worked on a number of campaigns, including their calming campaign ahead of bonfire night, their Foundation campaign and their Christmas images. The projects usually involve a mixture of product photography and lifestyle imagery, though the main focus is usually on capturing healthy, happy dogs having a great time outdoors.

The products are posted to me in Devon and I photograph a variety of local dog models. For some of the projects I have worked with Fran from North Cornwall Dog Walking to source the right models. Together we have found a range of Setters, Schnauzers, Spaniels, Labradors, Collies and Dachshunds to photograph. Many of the models featured in these projects are also rescue dogs or have been adopted, including the Labrador on the cover of Dorwest’s catalogue.

My images have been digitally used across Dorwest’s social media, website banners, email newsletters and paid advertising. They have also used my images in their leaflets, brand catalogues and counter displays. Their bi-annual catalogue also features an editorial interview with me, where I discuss my work, inspiration and career as a commercial photographer for the pet industry.

Client: Dorwest

Dorwest Lifestyle Imagery | Paws and Tors

Dorwest | Paws and Tors

Dorwest Website Banner | Paws and Tors

Dorwest Social Media | Paws and Tors

Dorwest Social Media | Paws and Tors

Dorwest Social Media | Paws and Tors

Dorwest Social Media | Paws and Tors


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