ACAI Outdoorwear

ACAI Outdoorwear are an outdoor apparel brand based in Cheshire. They create stylish, functional outdoor leg wear for women, including their popular ranges of water resistant trousers. ACAI Outdoorwear are passionate about encouraging women to embrace active lifestyles and explore new adventures in the great outdoors.

I initially provided photos of my dogs enjoying outdoor adventures as part of ACAI Outdoorwear’s Gound Dog Day campaign. I was later asked to join their Ambassadors programme, to help promote their MAX Stretch Skinny Outdoor Trousers to my audience of dog lovers. I created two blogposts as part of the project as well as accompanying imagery for them to use on their social media. I first created an in-depth, fair review of the trousers and a second blogpost about one of our favourite dog friendly hikes in our local area for their Stride Out from the Crowds campaign. My images have since been used multiple times on their social media.

Client: ACAI Outdoorwear

ACAI Outdoorwear Ambassador ProjectACAI Outdoorwear Ambassador ProjectACAI Outdoorwear Ambassador ProjectACAI Outdoorwear Ambassador Project



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