Which ACAI Outdoorwear Trousers Should You Try?

ACAI Outdoorwear Trousers are gamechanging when it comes to womens’ outdoor apparel. The ACAI Outdoorwear design team have developed a range of legwear specifically for women to help them feel confident in their bodies while exploring outdoors. They’re an increasingly inclusive brand too, manufacturing their products up to a size UK 22. They offer a wide variety of colours, cuts and weights too. Being a brand that’s primarily online based (at least at the time of writing) it can be confusing to decide on which style to try. I wanted to share my experience testing out their range for myself to help you figure out which type of trouser is likely best for you!

DOGSCLOSURE: I have previously been gifted a pair of ACAI Outdoorwear trousers to review. I’ve since bought multiple pairs of their trousers myself and I have not been sponsored to write this post. This is solely an opinion piece that I wanted to create to help you find the right weight, style and fit for you.


Hiking Roughtor and Brown Willy, Bodmin Moor

Brown Willy is the tallest point in Cornwall, situated on Bodmin Moor in the heart of the county. The circular walk around Roughtor and Brown Willy is a moderate 5.2 mile route, passing through a number of prehistoric settlements and stone circles en route. It typically takes a couple of hours to complete, plus however much time you spend at the top. I love this hike, it’s quintessentially Cornish and a great example of the moorland landscapes the south west is famed for. If you’re looking to embark on your first moor hike, I highly recommend giving this route a go!


Why I Failed to Hike the Cornish Coast Path with My Dogs

Earlier this summer, the dogs and I packed up our backpacks and headed out to the Cornish Coast Path to tackle the remaining 175 miles of our thru-hiking adventure. I had been looking forward to returning to the path all year and was over the moon that The Favourite Human would be joining us this time. Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan and I ended up calling our hike off after a mere 30 miles (completed over two days.) At first, I was disappointed, however I knew it was the right decision and I think it’s important I share with you the reasons why I failed to Hike the Cornish Coast Path with my dogs.