Hiking the Cornish Coast Path Part II

I’m very excited to announce that the dogs and I will be hiking the Cornish Coast Path again this summer, tackling the remaining 175 miles! While we had to cut our hike short last year, I cannot wait to return to tackle the remainder of the path. Last year we managed to raise £1,000 for Spaniel Aid too, which is incredible. I am so grateful for everyone’s support, you definitely helped make the first stretch into the awesome experience it was for the dogs and I last year, thank you!

If you’ve been following our antics for a while, you’ll know we started our mammoth thru-hike adventure back in 2019. The original plan was to hike the entire Cornish Coast Path in one go, however a traumatic experience with cattle in a remote section just outside Pendeen saw us returning home earlier than we’d hoped. We hiked a respectable 125 miles in total in 2019, which is a fair attempt for a first time solo thru-hiker with her dogs! I definitely learnt a lot during our first attempt and it’s made me even more determined to return to the path and complete the remaining 175 miles this year.

Hiking the Cornish Coast Path | Paws and TorsHiking the Cornish Coast Path | Paws and Tors

What’s the route?

Last year I managed to hike from Bude to Cape Cornwall with the dogs. The route this year will start where we left off and finish at our doorstep in Plymouth, which is conveniently a stone’s throw from the coast path! Last year I completed the hike alone with the dogs, however this time we’ll be joined by The Favourite Human (aka my partner Josh!) I’m very excited to have some human company on this hike, as I struggled with mentally with the isolation when I was walking on the north coast. It will also be great to share our gear over two backpacks instead of one. Hopefully this means we’ll both be travelling lighter and hopefully will walk a little quicker – I was so slow last year!

We’ll be using the Cornwall Coast Path guide by Trailblazer [affiliate link] throughout our adventure, as I did last year. It’s a fantastic book and I recommend it to everyone who is curious about exploring the path. Whether you’re looking for day trips, weekend adventures or to thru-hike in one go, this book is full of useful information about public transport, accommodation and sightseeing recommendations for each village and town on the path.

Hiking the Cornish Coast Path | Paws and Tors

How long will it take?

We’ve given ourselves two weeks to complete the remaining 175 miles. We’ll be returning home at weekends to restock (mainly bulky dog food!) and rest before returning to complete the path the following week. I followed a similar structure last year, which worked really well. It can be tricky finding pet shops in the towns and villages en route that stock the dogs’ food in quantities I can carry long distances safely in my backpack. It also ensures we have somewhere dog friendly we can stay while we rest and prepare for the week ahead.

Honestly, I’m not sure whether it’s possible to hike this distance in our timeframe, however it’s the only one we’ve got! We’re going to try our hardest to hike it all in one go but I’m fully aware that we may fall short of our goal. I’m determined to give it my best shot though, even if we don’t make it the entire way. I’d rather have started, failed and experienced the adventure than sit at home and wait for the ‘ideal time’ to never come around!

Hiking the Cornish Coast Path | Paws and Tors

Can we join you for a stretch?

Of course! Hands down the highlight of my hiking the Cornish coast path adventure last year was making friends with all the incredible people we met along the way. From the Woodland Collection, who let us stay in their holiday cottage one week while we were hiking around Hayle to Fran from North Cornwall Dog Walking who went above and beyond to help us navigate the steep stretches between Bude and Tintagel right at the start. I met so many incredible families last year, many of whom joined us for day hikes as we passed by their homes.

If you’d like to join us while we’re hiking the Cornish Coast Path, please do let me know. You’re more than welcome to send me an email or drop me a DM via Instagram. Our itinerary is understandably very fluid, however I’ll do my best to work out when we’ll likely to be passing. If you’re not based in Cornwall, don’t worry! I’ll be documenting our hike as we go on Instagram Stories, as I did last year. I’ll also be shooting plenty of videos and photos to share with you after.

Hiking the Cornish Coast Path | Paws and Tors

There we go, the secret is out! We’re cannot wait to share our remaining thru-hike adventure with you!

Have you been hiking the Cornish Coast Path before? What’s your favourite stretch?

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