How to Find High Quality Outdoor Gear Without Breaking the Bank

There’s a common misconception that high quality outdoor gear comes hand in hand with an expensive price tag. While this is most definitely true if you’re planning to buy everything brand new, there are plenty of ways to find great deals without compromising on quality. Here are my top tips for finding high quality outdoor gear without breaking the bank!


Wild Camping at Bench Tor, Dartmoor

Our first wild camping trip on Dartmoor was a great success. We hiked up Bench Tor via the River Dart and stayed on the tor overnight. Wild swimming at the enchanting Sharrah Pool was definitely one of my highlights from this trip. I can’t wait to return there for a longer swim next time, perhaps with a BBQ by the river to keep those pesky midges at bay!

Dartmoor is the only place in England where wild camping is legal. There are a few restrictions though. Firstly, you’re not allowed to camp in the same location for more than two consecutive nights. Camping in vehicles is strictly prohibited and not all car parks permit overnight parking. There are restrictions on where you can camp, as some parts of Dartmoor are used by the military for training. You must leave no trace – take your litter home with you!


Can Spaniels Live in Flats?

It’s been just over six months since the dogs and I moved to Plymouth. While living in a flat with the spaniels was never something I thought would happen, here we are! They’ve both adjusted really well to apartment life and while it’s taken some time for them to feel settled, they’ve both come on leaps and bounds. They’re definitely more than happy with their high-rise home. I know there’s a lot of debate about whether dogs can live in flats. I thought I’d share my experience living in a first floor, two bedroom apartment with two crazy working cocker spaniels!