Beginners Bouldering at Bonehill Rocks, Dartmoor

The Favourite Human and I have been keen to transition from indoor to outdoor bouldering for a while now. Living so close to Dartmoor means we have so many great spots right on our doorstep. We purchased The Climbers’ Club Guide to Dartmoor | AFFILIATE LINK and we’ve been itching to explore. A lot of the locations in the guidebook are for climbers of higher grades, however I’m definitely a complete beginner. Even more so when it comes to bouldering outdoors! However I’d heard through the grapevine (and subsequently the guidebook!) that Bonehill Rocks near Haytor, had plenty of problems to offer. So we excitedly packed up for the day and headed over for some beginners bouldering at Bonehill Rocks!


How to Meet Outdoorsy People as an Adult

Spending time outdoors with new people provides a great opportunity to build your confidence and experience in a particular activity such as hiking, camping or climbing. However, it can be quite daunting and sometimes difficult to meet outdoorsy people at first. Particularly if your existing social circles aren’t inclined to spend time outside. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to meet new people and make friends with likeminded outdoor enthusiasts, some of which I’ll outline in this post.

Exercise and Access to Outdoor Spaces During Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic and its many lockdowns is a topic I’ve been actively trying to avoid over the last year. However, I think it’s safe to say we’re in it for the long haul. I’m slowly coming to terms with the disruption of the pandemic and its drastically varying restrictions, particularly surrounding exercise. I’ve also been researching a lot about how socio-economic and political factors can impact an individual’s access to the outdoors. It’s a topic I continue to research through lockdown and I’m interested to see how our perception of the outdoors may be affected once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. I decided to ask a series of questions on my Instagram Stories to gauge how people interpreted the exercise guidelines. I was particularly interested in hearing about respondents’ access to outdoor spaces during lockdown, as well as their perceived ‘safety’ using said spaces.

DOGSCLOSURE: I’m not a psychology/scientific professional. The data discussed in this blogpost are the results from a short Instagram Stories survey I created just for fun. The questions I chose to ask were ones I’d been struggling with myself during lockdown. It’s been a while since I last created a data analysis report like this. There are definitely ways I could have improved the reliability of the results!