I’m Hattie, an outdoor dog and lifestyle photographer based in Devon, UK.

I work with dog businesses across the UK and Europe, shooting visual content for their social media, websites and marketing materials. My work is bold, fun and upbeat, featuring plenty of adventure in the great outdoors. When I’m not working, you’ll find me climbing, paddle boarding or long distance hiking. I love spending time exploring outdoors with my two working cocker spaniels, Woody and Hen.

I adopted Woody in 2017, when he was 1. He’s a very energetic working cocker spaniel who needs plenty of exercise and struggles with separation anxiety.

Woody absolutely loves his walks. He’s a free spirit and will run off and explore as soon as he’s let off his lead. He can get a little carried away, particularly if there are pheasants nearby. So I have to make sure we’re somewhere safe, away from livestock and roads, before I let him off to explore. Woody is incredibly smart, almost too smart for his own good, he’s always up to mischief, especially if snacks are involved!

Hen (short for Henry) was my third foster dog for Spaniel Aid UK. I failed as a fosterer and adopted him in 2019. He’s blind in one eye and only partially sighted in the other. We reckon he was born this way, as you’d never guess it when you meet him for the first time!

Hen has a vibrant personality, he always wants to be the centre of attention. He doesn’t let his blindness get in the way and though he sometimes bangs into objects or misjudges distances, he loves new adventures. Since adopting Hen we’ve climbed Snowdon, tried Stand Up Paddleboarding for the first time (which Hen adores!) and hiked 125 miles of the Cornish Coast Path.

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