Percy’s Story: Our Seventh Foster Dog

Percy came to me shortly after being picked up as a stray. It’s unclear how long he was a stray, the dog warden had estimated him to be around 2 years old. He’d been in a busy foster family with dogs and children but things had gotten too much. I’d just moved to Plymouth and with Woody and Hen settling in well, I decided to volunteer to foster Percy.

I was told Percy was a working cocker spaniel but it was clear this wasn’t completely accurate once he arrived. He was slightly taller than Woody, with a slender body, fluffier fur and the body shape of a collie. His behaviour was very collie too – he’d spin on the lead when he was anxious, excited or overwhelmed and was far too clever for his own good!

Percy | Paws and Tors

Percy learnt the house rules quickly and immediately set out to test them all. Most notably his determination to jump on the sofa! He’d whizz around the flat after walks and play rough with Woody and Hen. He was an incredibly loving dog but at times was a fluffy bull in a china shop. He just wanted your attention all the time.

I must confess, I fell for Percy a little. He’s such a sweet natured dog, who always wanted to please. He’s intelligent too and the sort of dog that would benefit from a job. Be it agility, flyball or teaching him all the cool obedience tricks. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to explore these avenues while the dogs are in foster for me but always suggest them during their adoption assessments.

Aside from Jasper, who had a troubled past, Percy was probably one of the hardest dogs I’ve had to foster. This was mostly due to living in a small flat with two other dogs and it being near impossible to tire Percy out. The lack of garden didn’t help either and we had a few accidents while trying to get Percy out the building so he could toilet outdoors. His need for constant attention eventually overwhelmed me and I became incredibly stressed out. I phone Spaniel Aid in tears because I felt like I was failing him as a fosterer.

Percy’s meet and greet was that afternoon and I was incredibly worried he wouldn’t make a good first impression. Percy was nervous of the new people in his home but his now forever family were incredibly understanding. They saw how much he’d bonded with me in such a short space of time and seemed like the perfect people to help keep him calm and channel his collie mind.

Percy | Paws and Tors

Percy now lives with a lovely family in Devon and was adopted in March 2020. He’s in good hands, as his owners have plenty of spaniel and collie experience. He’s an only dog, which means endless attention and love just for him. He has a puppy playmate that comes to visit regularly, as his owner’s daughter also has a collie.

His new home is calm and quiet – the perfect mix to keep Percy from being overwhelmed. There are plenty of walks right on his door step, so he’s sure to keep busy. I can’t wait to see all the fun he gets up to in the coming months!

Percy | Paws and Tors

You can find more information about available dogs and how to become a fosterer by visiting the Spaniel Aid website.

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